Flora von der Flockenwiese

Mindfulness trainer & Grooming expert

The newcomer at re*creation: pomeranian Flora von der Flockenwiese ensures the relaxed and cheerful mood and short taking-for-walk-breaks for our project managers.
As Louis Armstrong said: "With a short tail wag, a dog can express more feelings than some people can do with hours of talk." Well, if that's not a benchmark for our projects - we don't want Flora to steal the show!
Matthias Ais
Province of Salzburg

It was a great concert and I think that it will remain in our audience’s memory, especially our protagonists from Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg and Salzburg. Thank you for your dedication!

Prof. Gerald Schubert
Vienna Philharmonic

The organisation of our philharmonic brass music concert at Salzburg’s Cathedral square, together with young brass musicians from Salzburg and Upper Austria, was brilliant and perfect.

Mag. Evelyn Berner
Stiegl Brewery

Many thanks once again. It was definitely a great success.