Flora von der Flockenwiese

Mindfulness trainer & Grooming expert

The newcomer at re*creation: pomeranian Flora von der Flockenwiese ensures the relaxed and cheerful mood and short taking-for-walk-breaks for our project managers.
As Louis Armstrong said: "With a short tail wag, a dog can express more feelings than some people can do with hours of talk." Well, if that's not a benchmark for our projects - we don't want Flora to steal the show!
Steffi Dehlau

Thanks a lot for the artistic programme. We enjoyed a great evening!

Susanna Größinger
participant of the Vienna Philharmonic Summer Academy

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for the completely smooth handling of the concert tickets and above all the wonderful concert.

Mag. Barbara Schwaiger
Salzburg Congress

Your recommendation was perfect – the ensemble "Salzburger Nockerl" performed sensational! The atmosphere was extremely good, the audience began to dance.