Ghazal Honarmand

Event and PR assistant

There is no challenge too big or too difficult for Ghazal Honarmand to handle. As a graduate of St. Ursula Salzburg, she is familiar with the harmony of music and culture. Since she is full of creativity, she is able to complete each and every task in her own unique way. It does not matter if it is a birthday party for her friends, or whatever task her beloved job requires – she always demonstrates great commitment to make sure everybody can be a part of a magnicifent event. Perseverance, trust, punctuality and communication are her highest priorities. Open-minded towards people she tries to get the best out of each project.

Matthias Ais
Province of Salzburg

It was a great concert and I think that it will remain in our audience’s memory, especially our protagonists from Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg and Salzburg. Thank you for your dedication!

Dr. Roman Stemeseder
City of Salzburg

I always receive absolute agreement when I have the chance to mention our great teamwork with you!

Caroline Marcher

Renate, you’re a treasure! Thanks a million!