Special Culinary & Beer Tours

Salzburg is home of many small shops and manufactories offering local and regional specialities of highest quality.

Often unremarkable and veiled they stay hidden in between the many sights of Salzburg city. Explore those charismatic shops and manufactories together with our culinary experts, learn about the history of the stores and the ones who wrote it. Join us at a shopping tour offside touristic souvenir stores and enjoy local and regional specialities at a shared “picnic” at the end of the tour – Salzburg´s finest relishes! 

Or do you want to know more about hop and malt? Beer has been brewed in Salzburg for more than 600 years: out of a love for indulgence and with an attentive eye to quality and purity. The result is an array of beers rich in tradition and breweries with a long history. Today, ten breweries in and around the city of Salzburg reflect the impressive variety of opportunities available to beer aficionados. Learn more about Austrias “secret beer capital“ und have a tasty journey through the beery Salzburg: from the largest beer tavern of Austria to the smallest brewery in town... everything is included – variety in its tastiest way!

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Roman Gruber
Salzburg Brass Band Society

Thank you so much for the great collaboration!

Prof. Karl Jeitler
Vienna Philharmonic

Thank you for your energetic, careful and peace-radiating work with our brass music project.

Matthias Ais
Province of Salzburg

It was a great concert and I think that it will remain in our audience’s memory, especially our protagonists from Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg and Salzburg. Thank you for your dedication!